Trek Knock Block Lockring

Trek Knock Block Lockring

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This lockring spacer is automatically discounted by 60% off for customers also buying a Mac Ride. 

Do you ride with the Knock Block headset?

If yes, your spacers have notches on them. In order to be Mac Ride compatible, you need this wee KNOCK BLOCK Lockring Spacer.

The order for installation, Option 1, with knock bock spacers -
  • Base: any knock block spacers you are keeping
  • 2nd Layer: lockring spacer
  • 3rd Layer: Mac Ride front mount spacer
  • Then, your stem.

Option 2, removing knock block spacers:

  • Base: lockring spacer
  • 2nd Layer: Mac Ride front mount spacer
  • 3rd Layer: Any standard spacers you wish to add
  • Then, your stem.

Looking for a TREK lockring spacer closer to home? The part number is: #545523.

Ice Cream, ANyone!?!

Front Mount Spacer Install

The initial step between you and your ice cream is the install of your Ride More front mount. The steps for install are the same if you have the Knock Block system, even with the lockring spacer addition. Install video here.

The mounting bracket is a small, light weight ring that replaces existing spacer(s) on your bike's steerer tube. Every Ride More seat purchased as the System or separately, comes with two such spacers-- one already snug in the Ride More front mounting bracket, and another in your box.

Once's your spacer is on, you can leave it there for easy peasy Ride More Install. Then you're off and away to get that ice cream you were craving, just like this rad wheelie-ing duo! 🍦👍

Customer Reviews

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Overprice but perfect!

This lockring works. Definitely recommended. Mine was installed on a Trek Supercaliber. Change my 60mm stock stem to a 75mm -15deg spare specialized stem I have.

Exactly what I was looking for.

What I needed when everywhere else was sold out.

Locking ring

The locking ring works but for me I wish it was half the thickness. It's the same size of the factory spacers.

James King
Run the stem you want too

I was very happy to find this option for the knock block headset. Im now running the stem I want too. Bontrager should have taken this opportunity to step up their stem game but with this I’m running a renthal stem without any issues, no play, no trouble thru switchbacks. Totally satisfied

michael surrency

Nice beat easy to dance too,
I give a95!!!

Cruising with Ride More

We go big with Ride More seats and their mountain bike compatibility. But cruising is super sweet too.

Check out Ruby and her first Mac Ride!

Don’t ride away without…