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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      Ross Jones
      Great 👍

      New found connection.

      Stuart Johnston
      Great product

      I have two of these for a 2 abd 4 year old. They love them. I made a mess of ordering and fitting my second one but customer service was excellent and got me sorted. Seriously but one. Your kids Will love it


      good grips

      N WALKER
      Mini Grips

      The delivery was quick but thought the product was overpriced, a 1 metre strip of pushchair handle foam cost less

      Louis G
      Social cycling

      I bought after reading the review on imbikemag.com and I love it.

      I use it daily on my Dutch commuter to drop my youngest (3.5 years old) off at nursery. He was previously on a rear set and there wasn't much craic. Now he's up front chatting away and navigating our way through Newcastle. It's made the whole journey a joy. There was initially a little anxiety about having him not strapped in, but that faded after the first ride. He often stands up on the stirrups and I have to watch out that he doesn't catch my chin with his helmet on the way up. Also my over 70 year old dad took him out for a ride with it on his eMTB on some bridleways in the lakes and they had a blast.

      It's not cheap, but the build quality justifies the price and it's really easy to fit. While I can only speak of my experience, but my commuter bike (with a single leg stand) is so much more stable when I put my kid on the bike than when he was on the rear seat.

      It's a great product and I would recommend to all looking for a more social way to commute with their child.