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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      It works…

      It works for the E bike (Vitus E sommet), but I must admit £30 for a bolt and 2 plastic spacers seems a bit steep (hence the 4 stars). From the photos I’d assumed the adaptor included more than just this so was surprised when such a small parcel arrived. It would be nice if they included adaptors to fit different bikes or at least gave you a discount on adaptors when you purchase the macride. If I needed another adapter, I’d probably start with a trip to B&Q .

      Charlie Preston

      could be a bit bigger still touching the frame so left a few scratches on the bike. apart for that my daughter is 5 an she fits on it fine an loves been on the front of bike

      Hello Charlie! Thanks so much for providing feedback and so happy your kiddo loves Mac Riding time with Dad. I wonder if we need to arrange a swap for you - the wide e-bike adapter in exchange for the extra wide? We'd love to get you a bit more clearance for your bike! Let us know - info@mac-ride.com

      Christian Hill
      Mac ride seat

      After owning this seat for 3 weeks , I can say my daughter loves this on my ebike , I take her 2 & from school & evening forest rides, highly recommend if you want this sort of seat

      Steve F
      Definitely worth the money!

      I was so sceptical for a long time before spending what is a fairly significant amount of cash on the MacRide. I’m really glad I did in the end, though! My little boy absolutely loves it, and it means that we can go in much longer rides than he would be able to handle on his own bike. There are of course cheaper options available, but having tried one, I can now say that the MacRide is simply a much, much better product. It also fits (with the adapter) an eMTB perfectly. 👍

      Alex Whitelaw
      I love the Mac ride

      I can now take my two year old out on all the local trails on my e-bike, so far this has been brilliant, well worth it.