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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Simon Weston

      Great product, very useful.

      Andrew Butcher
      Towhee when only you have an ebike

      I bought the towhee to use with my daughter 7yrs old just learning .. I had it in my bag when out with the guys and a newbie had crashed and was looking for the easy way out so I hooked him up and it worked so well plenty of room for stopping and the flex is super gentle on the set off of your thinking of buying you won’t be disappointed awesome bit of kit

      Anna A
      Perfect for towing a toddler

      Just tried this out for the first time after researching all the options for getting my bike-mad 2-year-old back uphill to our house/anywhere in Devon. It works a treat. We took his balance bike out as I wanted to be sure he'd put his feet down if any problems. I was on my electric bike. I started in a low power mode to reduce any sudden pull, but it makes no difference - there is no sudden pull with this thing. My son took to it immediately and the only problem came when we got to the top and he wanted to be towed downhill! I can see this being very useful when we go to the trails at Haldon Forest and it will enable us to go out on proper rides from our home as well. Highly recommended.

      Ryan Chapman
      Tow whee

      The tow whee is mega and the wee boy loves it 🤣🤣

      Ben Skinner
      Simply Brilliant!!!

      Straight out of the bag it worked perfectly, I was a bit apprehensive as my boy doesn't like change and I thought he'd be anti being towed but he loved it and the whole thing worked brilliantly. Couldn't recommend enough!! Added is the benefit of using it for skiing [with a harness] which I had never considered but as soon as we're allowed back on the slopes I can see this will be used a lot here too!!