An Interview with a Mac Ride Family: Jonas Stefansson

An Interview with a Mac Ride Family: Jonas Stefansson

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Some families simply live and breath adventure: Jonas Stefansson and his family are one of them. We’re constantly amazed, and a little jealous, of all the wonderful adventures we see them on, thanks to the many photos they’ve tagged us in on Instagram

As we speed towards a new year, we started thinking about the adventures we want to take as a family in 2020. Time and time again, the amazing places Jonas, his partner Arna and his little shredder have explored kept coming to mind. This family is so inspiring, we just had to reach out to them to hear firsthand about their experiences on the trails together. Check out what they had to say below.

How long has your family been using the Mac Ride seat?
We got our seat at the end of summer 2017. Our son Benni was just 18 months when he got on the seat but I would definitely have used it earlier if it was available.

What was the push for you to commit and purchase the seat?
There was really no push, I came across it online and it was love at first sight, straight to checkout!

How has the Mac Ride seat positively affected your family?
We’ve been able to ride so much together and kept our adventures going sharing them with the little man.

Arna and Benni (Iceland)

You and your family are very adventurous. What advice do you have for other families that would like to bike with their kids who might be a little more nervous?
I feel the seat is very safe and you get to control and guard your child very well. Of course, you have to adapt your riding to suit their capabilities, take short and easy rides to begin with and keep it fun - a mid-ride snack or treat always brings a smile. If you ease into it and build up your riding together it is incredible how much confidence you have riding with them upfront.

What’s been your favourite experience with the Mac Ride seat?
We have had so many that it’s really hard to pick. However, one of the great ones was this summer when we did an amazing singletrack ride at Iceland Bike Farm, 15km / 3.5 hours, descending about 800m through the amazing nature on a perfect Icelandic summer day. The ride is quite technical but we rode it with ease, smiles and laughter the whole way. Also, getting to ride our local Bike Park at Hlíðarfjall this summer was such a blast.

Jonas & Benni

How has riding with the seat helped your child to pick up vital biking skills? Do you think the seat has helped them learn to bike on their own faster?
Yes definitely. First of all, it starts their interest in biking in general. But I also think they learn a lot of balance and handling from riding on the seat.

What are your MUST-HAVE items when biking with your family? 
Helmet of course! But here in Iceland you pretty much always have to prepare for the weather turning fast, it can get cold or wet at any time - no matter how good the weather is at the start of a ride. Adding some extra clothes to the backpack for the little ones is key, nobody is having fun if they are cold out there. Chocolate milk and some trail mix is also key and sometimes Benni’s Bluetooth speaker will hang on the backpack playing his favourite riding songs. :)

Jonas & Benni (Iceland Bike Farm)

In a lot of your photos, your son is always looking very happy and very stoked. Are there any ever melt-downs or issues biking with your child, and how do you deal with them?
Those photos are not lying, he is always having a blast. There have only been a few times when the smile wears off and it has mainly been due to him getting cold, cold hands especially. We haven’t tried the foam grips so the handlebar does get quite cold at times. We try to have him riding in thick gloves or mittens and sometimes I will wrap the handlebar with tape to insulate a little. If he gets cold and unhappy we would stop and try to move and warm up, bring out the snacks and maybe add on a layer or new gloves. Unhappy moments are rare, the seat seems to guarantee smiles.
What is your favourite trail to ride with your son and why?
We really can’t pick one. We just love riding together no matter what it is. From just riding to play school and picking him up, to riding all our local trails, the Hlíðarfjall Bike Park and exploring around our country making new amazing memories together. It’s all wonderful.
For us, the Mac Ride seat is simply a game-changer in bringing our child into the riding scene from a very early age. You get to explore and experience so much together, learn to trust and know each other and again make great memories.

We’re at a loss for words. We’re so thankful that this family loves the Mac Ride seat, and that they’ve really taken advantage of the opportunities it provides for their family to get out there on adventures together. We’re so excited to see what Jonas and his family get up to in 2020, and we’d love to see what you and your family get up to as well. Tag us on social media and get your Mac Ride seat today!