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      We are a small Victoria-based business focused on our first product, Mac Ride, a new creation that encourages more family cycling during those years when children are keen to explore, but are still building up the skills and the legs to do a full nursery commute or trail loop themselves. Mac Ride is a unique seat for children that goes on your bike between you and your handlebars. Mac Ride is the only creation that is easy to set up, suitable for on and off-road riding, and supports an active, engaged experience for the child.

      Mac Ride marks the beginning for our incorporated business, Ride More Innovations Ltd.

      We founded Ride More Innovations Ltd to inspire families to enjoy the outdoors through products that make adventuring with children simpler and more fun.

      We are passionate about all ideas that help parents adapt to the change in lifestyle that comes with the arrival of their children. As Mac Ride begins to grow, are chatting with parents and children about other new products to make family adventuring more accessible and more fun.

      Have you got an activity you wish you could share with your kids? An outdoor living product that could be improved? Tell us about it!

      Ready to make a Mac Ride purchase? When you go to the shop page, you can read more fantastic Mac Customer Reviews, like this one From Dr. RC, in London!

      “The mac ride is absolutely brilliant. My little boy took to it like a duck to water and we are having so much fun. Our cycling trips are now the highlight of the weekend.

      I have previously tried several other child seats which I’m now trying to sell on as they simply don’t compare to the Mac Ride." 

      Glen Dobson with baby Savannah Sky Roberts at 5 weeks, family camping on the Isle of Skye. Stunning. But we sure could have used a few extra bits and pieces specific to baby camping.