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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 181 reviews
      Bicycle Bliss!!!

      A brilliant and enjoyable way to allow me to take the whole family out for the day. The little guy loves it and we are now finally able to go on really long rides together - me and the little one on my bike, the 7-year old on his and my wife running behind us :-)

      Nerijus Ledas
      Is a really good :)

      My boy enjoy every moment with Mac-ride

      Stevan Wing
      Safe and so much fun

      My little 2 year old and I bought the Mac Ride a few weeks ago. We both love it. He's always asking to go our on Daddy's blue bike (Trek Marlin 8 2022) and it's so much fun riding around pointing things our to each other. It's reinvigorated his interest in his own balance bike. It's really easy to fit with a great instructional video; if you're used to moving stem spacers, the Mac Ride spacer replaces one of them under the stem. Once the spacer is fitted removing is simple. This is a double-edged sword as you should remove it from the bike when locking up in public. I wish there was a way to lock the Mac Ride to the bike as carrying it around is a pain. The position of the child on the bike is perfect; low and central and with both of us riding the bike handles just as it normally does. It's very well made and easy to get the little boy on and off. I think it's very comfortable for him. I was worried that the seat seemed too hard but the shape is genius. It is shaped to spread the load of his weight and keeps him well seated even on descents and more bumpy terrain. It's feels very safe; Daddy has slipped on the mud a few times and he's stayed well planted in the seat between my arms and, because of the sat back position he doesn't feel in danger of going over the bars. Having your little one up front between your arms is something very special and so much fun to enjoy all the sites and sounds together.

      G Martin
      Wish I'd bought one sooner.

      Love it. Easy to install, easy to switch between bikes, easy for my child to adapt to and feels so natural to ride with, not like the cumbersome old style seats that hang off the back of the bike and ruin the centre of gravity. It just works. Superb.

      Grandad’s indulgence

      Quite the best children’s bike seat on the market. A bit pricey, but well-designed and well-built. I bought this for my grandson’s dad, so the little chap can see where they are going and feel the wind on his cheeks. He really feels in control with his hands on the handlebars and finger on the bell. They can talk to one another too, quite a contrast to the traditional bike-seat with child staring at parent’s back.